Endowment Fund for School Choice
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Honor, Memorials & Endowments

Special purpose funds, aka imprest accounts or memorial funds, may be established by donors and will be professionally managed by the Endowment Fund.  The minimum amount to establish an Imprest Account will be $5,000; and may be adjusted by the Board.  These special-purpose funds will carry descriptive names to reflect the wishes of the donors.  To defray its expenses related to the holding, safeguarding, investing and maintaining of the assets in the fund, an annual 5% charge to principal will be made for imprest balances between $5,000 to under $100,000.  For imprest balances of $100,000 or more, the annual charge is 2.5%.  The Endowment Fund's overhead includes the costs of ensuring the requestor's instructions are properly carried out, i.e., working with provider and recipient (s).  An annual accounting of the funds, to include a report to the provider, is included.  There is no restriction to how these Imprest Accounts are used.  The imprest accounts may be used in ways which do not conform with the other by-laws, i.e., to benefit a specific school or area of study.
The endowment will be managed to grow and provide support for its designated purpose in perpetuity.  However, between any negative market returns, distributions and the overhead rate, the fund may become depleted at some future point in time. 
All special purpose funds will be reflected on the Endowment Fund for School Choice's web site.  The special purpose fund will reflect the full name of the fund, the fund's purpose and what procedures, if any, are required for recipients to receive benefit from the fund.  Any pictures and/or stories the donor wishes to have reflected will also be posted.
The special purpose fund may also be established to benefit the Endowment Fund for School Choice, itself.
Please click here to download Endowment Gift Agreement form

- Donors complete donor portion of Endowment Gift Agreement form and send to the Endowment Fund as follows:
via e-mail: [email protected]

                            --- or ---

via postal mail:
Endowment Fund for School Choice
487 Madison Dr.
E. Windsor, NJ 08520

After receipt and approval of the Endowment Gift Agreement, the Endowment Fund will return a signed copy to the Donor.